Alarm Accessories

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  • ALEPH 100M Photo Beam
    Features: Disqualification function Wired system and BUS system compatible, holographic spot real-time report Unique displacing receiving, transmitting parts with big power Patented balanced checking, unique digital filtering Full function checking, self-adaption in environment and tro..
  • GSM Module
    Features: Providing 900 and 1800 GSM connectivity. Simple to install/easy to maintain Allow PIN code entering and reciprocal phone-card lock Provide optimized circuit directly connecting the exchange device for extensions LCD with back screen Polarity reversal signal for metering ..
  • Optex Boundary Guard
    Features: Variable detection range from 2 to 12 m on each side Double conductive shielding Advanced temperature compensation Limited detection range function Size judging function to avoid false alarms Audible alarm function Attractive and slender design ..
  • Optex Outdoor PIR
    Features: Selectable 16.4ft. (5m) and 6.6ft. (2m) narrow detection ranges 190° horizontal rotation with built in mounting bracket Dual PIR detectors for enhanced pet tollerance Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic analyzes every motion before signaling an alarm Double Conductive Shield..
  • Optex Photo Beam
    Features: IP65 structure lightning and surge protection anti-frost hood cover 99% beam blocking stability A.G.C circuit adjustable beam interruption time ..
  • Optex PIR Motion Sensor with Pet Immune
    Features: Quad zone logic Optional 60ft. x 6ft. FL-60N lens. (Not included) Spherical lens design Temperature compensation Sealed optics Selectable pulse count (2 or 4) Small pet tolerant ..